Monday, October 08, 2007

That Virginia, She Links Around

SEO skepticism, thy name is Virginia.

Yes, Virginia, Google Will Hurt Your Site For Selling Links Danny Sullivan, 10/7/07

Yes Virginia, you can brand with search David Singh 9/28/07

yes-virginia-there-are-followed-wikipedia-links Matt McGee 7/12/07

Yes, Virginia, Search Engine Optimization Is Worth The Investment Robert Ezparza 6/15/07

Yes, Virginia, there is a natural and paid search synergy Greg Jarboe 4/29/07

Yes Virginia, SEO Is Rocket Science - Defending Search Engine Optimization Once Again Danny Sullivan 12/21/06

yes-virginia-design-can-be-link-bait-too Rand Fishkin 12/6/05

Yes, Virginia, There Is SEM Brand Lift, Parts I & II 7/23/04 Kevin Lee

Yes, Virginia, Viral Marketing Really is a Key Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Component 7/01 John Lustina

It's interesting, the premise behind the answer eight year old Virginia O'Hanlon got over 100 years ago still applies, albeit on a slightly different topic.

I wonder if I wrote a newspaper like Virginia did, say maybe the New Scientist or the Stanford Daily and asked if SEO was real... I wonder what they'd say.

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