Sunday, April 01, 2007

Web 2.0 True Grit.

Ever wondered how much some of these new Web2.0 type sites are worth and if there's any perceived value behind them? Apparantely eSnips CEO Yael Elish has.

Erick Schonfeld of Business 2.0 posted a slide Ms. Elish made showing the approximate value for may high-profile Web 2.0 sites by correlating publicly available Alexa Web traffic numbers with the value of known deals like YouTube's.

Yes, this is less than scientific given the use of Alexa info but it's interesting anyway. I'd be curious to see where all these sites stand in six months and again in a year. If you had told me last year Orkut would still be around and valued at a billion dollars I would have said you're nuts my friend!

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