Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Interesting Links.

Some interesting link related tidbits from around Internet Land...

Have a beef with your beer boss?

Use YouTube to get the word out. Personally I think it should be against the law to give a webcam to whiney people.
(Sidenote) If they were Anheuser-Busch employees that video would have a link at the end pointing people to a well crafted landing page asking for donations toward their retirement fund. ;)-


A post on the HR Forum asks - Are there any specific tips on getting edu sites to link to my site?

My buddy Randy Cullom responds: How to get .edu links? Have a site with subject matter that appeals to the education market. Without this connection as a reason for them to link to your site you're basically SOL. As to whether .edu's carry any special weight, we've discussed 'em around here a few times before. The short answer is: No they don't carry any magic link juice. Their magic, if you want to call it that, is they're usually very large, very diverse, usually decent quality sites that attract a lot of links from other diverse, quality sites. In other words, it's not the .edu TLD that carries any extra weight. It's the fact that they're high quality sites, just like you can find in .com's, .net's and every other TLD.

Google's released a new patent application..

Here's some interesting info on how they may determine the quality score of a blog. Bill Slawski has done his usual great job picking apart the patent application and highlighted some of the more interesting parts, here's a few:

Number of times search terms appear in a blog post.

Places where search terms appear within the document (such as title or the text within the body of the post),

Characteristics of search terms appearing on thepages (such as font, size, color, etc.),

Search terms may be weighted differently from other search term when multiple search terms are present.

Proximity of search terms when multiple search terms are present may influence the IR score, and;

Other techniques for determining the IR score for a document can also be used.

Reading through the criteria I was struck by how similar sounding some is to a previous patent app that made the rounds a while back.


Calling all Nine Inch Nail Lovers...

Talk about thinking outside the box to promote your product! Not sure I want to use anything I found hidden in a restroom but hey - the rest is pretty damn interesting.


A number of new direstories have been added to Might find one to add your site to.


The art of *nicheyness*. and
It's no surprise these niche sites are popping up given the success of "general" networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Since they're still new and relatively small, it would be a good time to build a profile and get involved as well as buy ad space.

Although MomCafe isn't just for breakfast anymore..... "The site has around 100,000 registered users and is expected to do 20 million page views in March, up from 1.8 million in December 2006."

Power to the soccer moms!

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