Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Link Forum

I pop around to the various link marketing related blogs, forums, elance and techie sites a couple times a week to see what's going on in link marketing land. With so many resources to keep up with it's almost gotten as time consuming as link builidng itself!

I've pulled together a number of informative posts, articles and stories from these sources and will continue to do so as I find them. My formatting is a little off so patience as I work on it to be sure everyone gets proper credit for saying their piece. Here's what's up:


"Imagine how much effort has been devoted to generating links.... it would probably pay off the US National Debt."
Debra : LOL...

"I do not think that directories per se are being devalued by Google merely by the fact of them being directories. Instead what I see is a ton of people attempting to build fly by night directories, inflate their value by renting a few high powered links, and then once they have sold their slots dropping the link rentals. Even though the PR of those directories stays until the next PR update, whatever value they had is of course lost once the links are no longer pointing at them. Since the practice is widespread, it does give the appearance of directories in general losing their value. "
Debra: Agree about the directories not being devalued because of what they ARE. Just by what their silly owners DO.
http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/showpost.php?p=9697&postcount=2 ..."The slick part is getting other people to put your articles with a link to you on their sites. Getting them to do it for free is time consuming and gives you no guarantee of anyone doing it or anyone keeping doing it. It does work, but in my experience not as well or as cheaply as just finding and renting the links you want. Making this the least slickest way I'll post here."
Debra: The slickest way to build links is to have other people do it for you. ;)

"Perhaps Google took a second look at your inbound links. 100 links to 50 pages is not enough, especially when most of them are from DMOZ clones or ugly dynamic (forum) URLs. These links don't carry weight. Get more related links from blogs and from within the textual content of related articles on authority sites."

"Given that over half the sites that get listed in DMOZ were never even submitted, then thats not a record. Over 10 000 sites have been added in the last 4 weeks." (post was made 3/10/07)


"Retailers are taking a page from MySpace. They know that customers, especially the younger and more Net-savvy, want to be heard, and they also want to hear what others like them think. So increasingly, retailers are opening up their Web sites to customers, letting them post product reviews, ratings, and in some cases photos and videos. "
Debra: Good ideas for ecommerce sites who find it difficult to attract links.

"The deal was still warm when MacDonald was contacted by the Mayor of Kipling, Saskatchewan. The town of 1,100 traded MacDonald a three-bedroom house on Main Street in exchange for the movie role. The town plans on holding an "American Idol"-style competition for the part, with entry fees going to charity. "
Debra: Shouldn't that be "Canuck Idol'? (just for you Ian!)

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