Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hot Fun According To Chris

My long-time buddy Christine Churchill has posted a super wrap-up of her time at last week's London SES. I've pulled two things from her post I want to say ditto on:

For those who don’t know Anne Kennedy – she is one of the kindest, most loved people in the search industry. I highly recommend next conference you stop and tell her hello, or better yet, give her a hug. She’s had a tough time and she’s one of our own.

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Anne - HUGE cyberhug to you. And....

Those of us who attend conferences regularly often take the work behind running the conferences for granted. How smoothly the show runs can make the difference between a mediocre show and a fantastic one. At SES London, as usual, Karen Deweese and her incredible team of logistics gurus made the conference run like fine tuned machinery. There’s truly a symbiotic relationship between speakers and support team where both benefit from each other’s presence. The speakers are better speakers because they aren’t fretting about the logistics details. I’m sure the other speakers agree with me when I say “Thanks Karen for making us look good.”
After reading that I punched the air big-time. Chris did a great job verbalizing what so many of us think but probably don't say directly to Karen and her staff. YOU ALL ROCK!

Stop by the SEM Clubhouse, there's some good stuff there!

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