Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Inspired Moses

Power to the People: Social Linking by Eric Ward

Individual and group sharing of bookmarks or cool sites is not a new thing, and has been around as long as the Web has. Back then, I remember my excitement when more than a couple new Web sites launched. Ahhh, back in the day...

But with all the talk of Web 2.0 and "user generated content," one of the more remarkable aspects of the Web that continues to inspire me is the need for people to "share" with each other. Early Web browsers all offered the ability to bookmark, and they still do. But a new wave of tools are emerging that enable and encourage sharing everything from photos to music to the most essential and simpleist thing of all, a link.

Share a link. The very essence of the Web. Who needs Google's algorithm when there are almost 100 social bookmarking services that will help me find all the cool sites I'll ever need based on what other people like and think I might like, etc.? You could have seen it coming. Amazon's.......

(Debra: Starts with Moses, ends with Amazon. ;)

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