Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Zero Link Worth

According to this tool - my blog is worth zip.

Ok fair enough since I do absolutely nothing to promote it but I wondered about some of the other blogs I read on a semi/regular basis. In no order and with no surprises, here's what I found:, is worth $207,750.72
(Can I borrow the yellow shoes?), is worth $674,060.76
(Proof that peanut butter sticks!), is worth $117,988.86
(Will learn to talk over you ;), is worth $185,733.66
(Site has GREAT photos and better rants.), is worth $1,582,970.16
(He's the real Googleguy), is worth $2,941,253.40
(Maybe I should develop an obsession w/Google maps), is worth $23,146.14
(I'm getting the blue shirt), is worth $2,822.70
(Look -- I have a German word in my blog title, any points there?), is worth $2,399,859.54
(Four guys and Kim, some odds ;), is worth $119,117.94
( Way to go JG), is worth $59,841.24
( Does he type as fast as he talks? ;), is worth $3,951.78
(Motivation for my own Corvette), is worth $209,444.34
(Patents - ah - Bill, you're safe.), is worth $138,876.84
(His site is almost as ugly as mine), is worth $27,662.46
(Alright, now I'm redesigning my site)

Ok, now here is a surprise...., is worth $0.00. If I'm not mistaken Lee mentioned a short while ago he changed the URL or something - that has to be it because it's a great little blog. Oops, ( sorry - forgot it's owned by a guy) ....because it's a great BIG blog.

(Correction added after original post)
I've made a faux pas and stand corrected. Lee is right, his blog is worth a WHOPPING $263,075.64. -- Which means it can well afford to give me a couple of pennies of link cents. Or in my case - link sense since I can't seem to copy and paste worth a damn.

There are many others but I can't bring myself to see anymore. LINK TO MY BLOG AND HELP ME GET SOME BANK! I'll make it easy to do, just copy and paste this:

I want to be worth a couple dollars at least. Two bits anyone?

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