Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yes, I get by with a little help with a little help from my friends....

You know how you always remember your first time .........

Being interviewed that is ! Well, Peter Da Vanzo was my first, he popped up one day and said "hey Debra, do you have five mintues and can I interview you for my blog?" That five minutes turned into two weeks of chatting and we've been friends ever since. When I pinged for something to add here, he responded with what you'll read below. Typical of Peter, he's always helping a friend - or two! :)

The 3-Page Search Engine Optimisation Technique by Ammon Johns

Performing basic optimisation to improve the rankings of a page in search results is not truly that difficult. Generic search engine friendly optimisation techniques work well in most engines. When competition is fiercer, and many of your competitors have some level of search engine optimisation too, things become harder.

At this point, the content needs to be better optimised for the particular algorithm than the competitors' content is - and this means choosing which algorithm (and search engine) you will attempt to match. One page cannot closely match different algorithms, and each of the major search engines has its own algorithm.

Can a single optimised page match (at more than a generic level) with both the Google algorithms (providing the search results at Google, Yahoo and AOL) and with the algorithms of Inktomi (providing the bulk of search results at MSN)?
The answer is 'No'...... (click for the rest of the article, it's a tad long but worth the read)

Peter Da Vanzo, is a search marketing strategist and industry commentator based in Wellington, New Zealand. He's the owner of SearchEngineBlog (circa 2002) which examines the search world from a grassroots perspective. He can also be easily bribed with beer.

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