Monday, April 17, 2006

Link Traps

Sometimes we get so caught up looking for the latest and greatest link building program we forget about the simple, tried and true tactics that attract links. Before you invest time and money on a linking program, take care of business at home by creating some of these easy but effective link traps…

You Have To Tell Them What To Do.

Do you have a “link to us” page? If you don’t, consider adding one and include a link to it from all the content portions of your site. People are more likely to link to content they like right after they’ve read it, especially if you’ve told them it’s ok to use the content and show them how. Create a page with varied linking options such as:

Multiple text links with varied anchors and URL’s
Tagged images
Sections of re-printable content with links embedded

The last option is most desirable IMO and probably the most attractive to the blogging and media community. I’ve found journalists and bloggers resist being asked to write something or reprinting press releases in whole but will copy and paste sections of relevant information in addition to links. To have it ready and available makes their lives easier and increases your chances of having your link-embedded copy used.

Offer Them Something. (Link Incentives Work!)

For the most part, people need an incentive to link unless your site is exceptional, well known or the latest craze. Sweeten the offer by giving away something of value in exchange for the link. My friend Randy Cullom ('Randy' on the High Rankings forum) does a great job with this, take a look at what he's done:
Webmasters: Link to us and receive a free one-year subscription

His offer is clear, well written and of value to people interested in certificates.

Give Them A Little Trust Nudge.

When’s the last time you ordered something from LLBean? After you took out your new parka, did you notice the extra catalogs in the bottom of the delivery box? They throw them in hoping you’ll spring for matching ear flaps or pass the catalogs on to someone else in the neighborhood. Basically, they're giving you an easy way to find and order more stuff. What if you did something similar and included link instructions to your product pages in every -

Correspondence and
Product delivery box/file?

Chances are people will add the link or tag (think Slashdot / / Digg ) your pages to let others know about the great services you offer.

I’ve talked about trust links before but their importance bears another mention here. If someone takes the time to ask for more info or makes a purchase from your site, they’ve shown interest and/or trust in your products. While they’re basking in that warm fuzzy afterglow, offer information on how they can link to your site or link to relevant information within your site.

I know adding a “link to us” page isn’t as exciting as creating a snazzy link bait program or rewriting follow-up correspondence isn’t as sexy as developing an uber tool – but – they’re both solid tactics that work with minimal effort.

Before you implement the gee-whiz linking schemes to support revenue and link producing initiatives like product announcements, endorsements and/or other news worthy items, get your house in order. Then sit back and listen for the cha-chink of the link traps!

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