Saturday, October 04, 2008

Friends And Photos From SMBU

Here's a bunch of photos from the last Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference in Columbus Ohio. It was a great show and I enjoyed being part of it.

This is Diane Aull (Torka) and I at the COSI charity dinner the night before the conference started.

Rachel Phillips of Search Engine Guide and Diana Adams from Pole Position Marketing.

Matt McGee and I

Christine Churchill in one of her sessions talking about keywords.

Rachel Phillips, Irma and David Wallace who all apparantely coordinated wardrobes.

Robert Clough and Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide. Along with Rachel and Vickie Evans (Jen's mom) they did a great job putting this conference together :)

Michael Stebbins and Matt McGee. Mouths open and in awe of something witty I said. (cough)

Stoney deGeyter being Stoney.

Notice his photo is larger than the rest. That's because I wanted everyone to see his new long hair-do and because I took these photos from his Flickr account without asking.

Chris, Heather Lloyd-Martin and myself at dinner the first night.

One of the best parts of being at these shows is seeing your buds. Heather was the first person I made contact with in this business, it was sometime in either 2000 or 2001. (neither of us can remember).

I met Chris (along with Jill) in Dec 2002 at my first SES in Dallas. I had been working for Jill for almost a year at that point but had never met her in person. That was the last time for Dallas, the show moved to Chicago the next year.

Seems like yesterday :)

Here's the rest of the photos: SMBU Flickr and Stoney's set. Enjoy.

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