Friday, July 11, 2008

Google Wants To Know About Incompetent SEO's.

Google recently changed it's "What's An SEO" page, they blogged about it on the official blog June 30. On July 1, Googler John Mu posted this in GoogleGroups,

Suppose a webmaster were to come to you and ask for advice on finding someone who can help optimize his site for search engines. How would you recommend that they get started? Where should they look for SEOs? Which questions should they ask? How could they recognize competent (or incompetent) SEOs?
Bold mine.

The last line caused my eyebrows to go up a bit. "Incompetent" as opposed to unethical, that surprised me. defines "incompetent" as "not competent; lacking qualification or ability; incapable". Interesting, although I guess you could make a long-winded case the two are interrelated.

None of the people responding to John Mu's post focused on "incompetent" SEO's - but just about everyone used the word "snakeoil" in their comments. Again - interesting.
Anyone else wonder why a company who names spam control tools after certain members of the SEO community solicits feedback on incompetent SEO's?

Enough about Google, I want to end the week on a positive note.

Wiep sent me new baby pictures of his son Liam - here's my fav. Enjoy his bright face and the weekend.

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