Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some Link Ditties

Hey everyone, hope you're doing well. I have a couple of things to share:

Today's the last day for the SEO's Fight Fat , here's what I look like now as a result of my participation...

Yeah, I wish. Donna hasn't posted final weights or who won yet but it sure as heck won't be me. While I would have liked to have lost as much as Jennifer and Scottie , I didn't and that's that. I did however, get back into an exercise routine so I'm happy.

(great abs but I bet her personality stinks ;)
Eric Holter from sent a long some links to a couple of SEO videos he's created. They're about 14 minutes each but hey- pick up a coffee and start your Monday on a learning curve. (Or for some of you, a refresher course ;)


I came across this list of companies providing advertising opportunities to bloggers. It's probably the most comprehensive list I've ever seen so I'm sharing:

Ok, that's all I have for now. Until next time -- think links!

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