Monday, March 03, 2008

SMX Photos, Friends And People I Want To Meet

Liana and I have a deal going, she doesn't point her camera at me and I spring for beers when we travel. (Michelob Ultra of course)

I feel like I get the better end of the deal but the problem is, she never keeps her end of the bargain... :(

This time though I didn't mind, since she got me with some of my favorite people in SEOLand. (Chris Sherman above, Detlev Johnson below) LOL - don't you just love the expression on Chris's face?
I really like what I do as a link builder and am grateful my job has allowed me to meet and become friends with a number of wonderful, talented and all around nice people in this industry. I'm a better person for knowing them all.

The SMX conference had a cool networking feature that allowed you to let the world know you were someone's fan or tell them you wanted to meet them. I took advantage of it although I wasn't able to connect with my one shout-out (to meet Gillian Muessig) but hey we'll connect eventually.

That whole process got me thinking about people I didn't know and really wanted to, so I sat down and drew up a list of names. In no particular order, here's who I'd love to meet this year:

1. Mike Moran

3. Ester Dyson (ok, so a girl can dream can't she?)

Jennifer was able to set up a lunch date with Mike Moran while we're in SES NY this month so I'm on my way to making that a reality shortly. Yay Jen!

Then there are people I talk to almost every day but have never met in the flesh. Of course first and foremost is my dear friend Donna Fontenot, then Michael VanDeMar, Adam Audette and Wiep Knol. Hopefully I'll get to put a name and face together on each of these folks soon.

So who do you want to meet this year and what are you going to do about it?

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