Tuesday, March 11, 2008

God Knows How To Market For Links

A little over a year ago a new social media company came on my radar, it was a Christian based video site called GodTube. Basically, GodTube is a YouTube clone sprinkled with holy water.

It's also sprinkled with a whole lot of marketing hutzpah. You can learn a lot by watching niche sites like GodTube, their marketing tends to be focused which means they know how to reach their limited demographic. There's a couple of excellent components to this site I wanted to point out, first the obligatory screen shot:

GodTube has, unlike other video sites- an entire section translated into Spanish. Which makes sense given census trends and the fact the Spanish community is know to be largely Christian based.

Since the US Census puts the Hispanic population at 47.8 million in 2010, or 15.5% of the US population, offering your site in Spanish makes sense.

Something else worth noting on this site are the contests by Liberty and Regent University. Both are offering a full ride as a grand prize, which is awesome when you consider what tuitions are running these days.

Of the two, the Regent University contest is worth dissecting. Click the banner and you're taken to a promo site set up to house the contest, it's linked to an internal page of Regent University

The Regent contest takes full advantage of social media sites like Digg, YouTube, Delicious, Facebook, Myspace and StumbleUpon and not with little icons here and there, but great big attention grabbing icons.

The guy in the tweed jacket hawking the contest is a well known Hollywood casting director and a professor at Regent University, he has a short but to-the-point script that made me want to go out and make a video. Also notice the countdown monitor in the upper righthand corner, it's there to give a sense of urgency to the whole process.

Back on GodTube they've created a media center that does a really nice, job of showcasing their features in mainstream TV. Notice how they'e added the term "GodTube" in all the media titles, this takes advantage of the way people search and reinforces brand.

The Spanish translation - smart. Hosting other people's contests and capitalizing on their advertising in the process - smart smart. Showcasing media involvement (capitalizing on credibility) and offering a single stop for all things press related - smart smart smart.

Bless them for doing it right.

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