Sunday, February 10, 2008

This SEO Fights Fat and Fights Back

Donna Fontenot, pinged me a couple weeks ago with an idea she had for a weight loss challenge. We chatted about it briefly and before I knew it, Donna had a domain name, program outline, a website up annoucing the challenge and a blog page with my name on it. Whoo hoo!

SEO's Fight Fat is about a few SEOs who decided to get together and make their weight loss challenge a public event by sharing their attempts online for the whole world to see while making some money for charity in the process.

If you are looking for a visible and worthwhile way to spend some of that advertising money you have in your 2008 budget, consider sponoring this worthy cause. Check out the SEO's Fight Fat Sponsor Us and Support A Charity page that explains where the money goes and how you can help.

My latest entry:

For me, this challenge is about more than just losing weight, it’s about getting back on track and in a routine I lost control of.

I used to be disciplined about working out and taking time for myself but somewhere along the line in the last year I let other things get in the way and take over. For a self diagnosed organizational freak who prides herself on being on time and well
prepared, that’s scary and downright unacceptable.

And no smart-ass dig will take away from one simple fact — I am a busy person. I have two wonderful active children, a self-employed husband who occasionally needs help in the office, an active volunteer life here in Williamsburg, a terrific circle of friends (both on and offline) and a business for which I am solely responsible.

And like a lot of people, when life gets a little hectic one of the things that gets dropped (aside from blog posts and interviews) is the exercise schedule. In my case, the very visual and net result of this slip is a 20 pound weight gain in 10 months which totally sucks no matter how you rationalize it.

So again - I’m glad SEO’s Fight Fat came along when it did and am looking forward to implementing my strategy of refocusing energy where it’s important and needed.

I’ve been rooting around the house for my pedometer, found my hand and leg weights which I’ll need since I’m going back on schedule with my walking group. It’s forecasted to be in the 40’s tomarrow (hello Mother Nature - this is the SOUTH!!) so we’ll head indoors to our local rec center and walk the track there. That’s step one.

Step two will be to hire a personal trainer... preferably a good looking, young buff boy. Hey, if I’m going to sweat and feel the burn I may as well have something good to look at.

Change has never been easy for me but I recognize the need for it especially in regards to the way I look and feel. I may be getting older but I don’t need to look it –or– more importantly, feel it. So change starts today.

Throw the SFF feed into your reader, keep up with our progress and maybe make some of your own. It's going to be fun.

Have a good week.

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