Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Almost The Best Link Building Blog Of 2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who voted for the Link Spiel in the recent Search Engine Journal 2007 Blog Awards contest. Here's the post Loren made announcing the winners:

Wow, the Best Link Building Blog of 2007 category was almost an all out tie, with last year’s winner, Jim Boykin, bringing in the bulk of the votes, but Debra Mastaler’s The Link Spiel, bringing in a higher percentage of top ratings.

Both blogs are at the top of their game and both bloggers are excellent speakers and trusted authorities on link building. Debra’s blog The Link Spiel has grown quite large in the past year and is a must read on my RSS reader. Jim Boykin has been pumping out link building tips and ideas for years now, and his blog has been a must read since day one.

Most of the bloggers in the link building category are people I call friend, some longer than others but friends just the same. From the looks of the results, everyone did well which means lots of people are reading - and hopefully learning from what's being shared. I know I learn and grow from listening to this group every day.

Blogging regularly is hard, time is precious and breaking news isn't exactly an every day occurrence in this niche. I started this blog as a way to improve my writing skills but found I genuinely enjoy sharing what I find and know about link marketing/building. Now, I worry less about my grammar and more about what I share - which is probably how it should be anyway.

The Link Spiel will have a new home soon, Alliance-Link is being redesigned (finally!) and a place has been made for her. She will be, like the packages always say "new and improved" so stay tuned. In the mean time, I'll plug away here and try not to go underground. ;)

So again - thank you. I appreciate the time you took to vote for the Link Spiel and the fact you think highly of her content. So...

Come back, drop a comment and read a little spiel.
You'll learn a bunch, laugh a lot and definitely be made to feel
That what you read is usable and something you can tap
To implement and get more links so you don't rank like crap.

Debra Mastaler

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