Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Link/SEO Predictions 2008

With Barry griping about being bored every five minutes on Twitter I thought I'd help out and give him something to do by suggesting he ask around for people's 2008 predictions.

And amazingly, he did!! :

After thinking about it, I have a couple more predictions to add:

  • I think Google will drop the DMOZ this year. It's been taken from their "even more" drop down menu to where-ever so what's the point of having it?

  • Someone will create a hand-held device that is a USB stick, satellite radio, telephone, camera and dictaphone all in one. Ok maybe that one is more wishful thinking.

  • Creative conference swag is going to make a comeback. It started with the mug Stoney sent out for the holiday's, thanks for sending me one as well honey. Hatip Simon .

  • Reputation management is going to be the hot service this year, with more and more people participating in the review process it's going to be extremely important to monitor and correct/bump/trump what's out there.

  • I think you'll see a lot of the smaller SEO agencies/single shops consolidating or merging with larger companies. SEO isn't just about SEO anymore.

  • More private forums are going to blossom as people become hesitant to talk openly about what works and what doesn't in SEOLand. It's sad really because the quality of the content being shared publicly might suffer.

  • And on that note, my last little predication is really an annoucement: at long last we're re-doing our site, adding new services and bringing on new people to Alliance-Link in January.

  • In addition, my poor little blog here will be transfered to a new big girl Link Spiel. See? Hell can freeze over. ;)-

Happy New Year everyone. I wish you good health, family happiness and online business success.

And for Barry I wish no day ever be boring. :)

~ Debra.

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