Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Who's Lying About NoFollow?

Aaron: Have you ever felt a search engineer was lying about something? If so, have you ever called them out on it?

BLueHatSEO/Eli: I think we're being lied to about nofollow. Consider this the call out :)

Oh man, that's like waving Boones Farm at a wino but jerking your hand away when they lunge for it.

Come on Eli, spill and I love the way you use the word "gosh". :)

Great interview on SEOBook

**(Added) Found another good interview done by my buddy Peter D from LinkJuicy on link baiting, this one given by Michael Gray. It's a good read with one exception:

If Google wins what’s going to happen is the market will go underground. You’re going to have to "know a guy" to get you links.

...OR - "know a girl" ;)

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