Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I was poking around Google Images today and I came across this post:


It was done a while ago so I'm late to the dance (as usual) but it's pretty funny all the same especially if you think about some of the matches!

V-Names: Matches Made In Search Marketing Heaven

"It’s Valentine’s Day! A day for love, decadence, and… humor hooks? We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to...play “match maker” with our favorite names in
search...And all in good fun, too**..."

Here They Are : V-Names : Our Crazy Eight!

1. Rand Fishkin + Vanessa Fox = Vand Fishfox
2. Lee Odden + Debra Mastaler = Lebra Oddmaster
3. Darin Babin + Amanda Wattlington = Amarin Babwattle
4. Todd Malicoat + Rebecca Leib = Tribeca MaleLobe
5. Matt Cutts + Jill Whalen = Jatt Whalecutts
6. Danny Sulivan + Jane Copeland = Janny Dopeland
7. Bruce Clay + Shari Thurow = Artist Formerly Known as Brushy.
8. Jim Boykin + Jennifer Laycock = Jimmifer Boycock

Had to ping Jennifer and point out her new moniker. Not to be outdone, Jenn came up with a couple of her own:

Matt McGee + Lisa Barone = Misa McBone

Stoney deGeyter + Kalena Jordan = Kaloney DeJoyter

Mikkel deMib Svendsen + Liana Evans = Likkel de Evansden

Here's my lone entry: (not feeling particulary creative today)

Greg Boser + Wendy Perisall = Grendy Poser
THIS is why I never get around to updating my website.

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