Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting Peached Could Be The Pits

A copy of Axandra News hit my inbox today and in the weekly newsletter they had a piece on

"How your competitors can sabotage your website rankings".

They listed off a couple of nasty tricks that could be done to you like:

"1. Your competitors might create spam under your name"


"3. Your competitor might send a copyright complaint "


4. Your competitor might create duplicate content"

But it was this one that caught my eye:

"2. Your competitors might peach on you"


The site originates in Germany so I'm fairly sure this is a translation gone wonky but - as someone who learned the hard way you don't say "kick them in the" and then continue with the word "fanny" unless you want to suffer endless jokes, jabs and outright finger waggling, I'm curious to know how peach translates to ratting someone out in German.


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