Thursday, June 28, 2007

Junior Link Goes To College

Via MediaPost:

"At an estimated value of $10 billion, some feel News Corp. has gotten all the mileage it can out of MySpace, which skeptics say is fading in light of the resurgence of rival Facebook."

Could it be all those kids on MySpace have grown up and headed off to college? Or if the info in this article from the BBC is accurate, they're out working...

MySpace users tend to get a job after finishing high school rather than continue their education.
Afterall, who's going to pay for that high speed connection now the free high school ride is over?

Either way, it's interesting to note that life online emulates life off, kids grow up and move along, whether it's out of moms house or off their social network. So it makes sense Facebook is picking up steam, LinkedIn is enjoying growing membership and Eons was created.

It also makes sense the fickle and tech savvy youth of today could be waiting for their favorite network to implement something like Vizster, a proposed visual social network created by two UCBerkely researchers using data they experienced and pulled from Friendster. You've always been able to see your friends on the networks but now you can see their's too. Hey LinkedIn, are you listening?

The link point to all this is - if your products are demographically targeted, you need to move along with your group and look to the next big congregation point for potential advertising and linking spots. Kids grow up and adults change interest, know where they're going and why, meet them when they get there.

Even if what you sell isn't focused on a particular type person (who doesn't like chocolate?) think ahead. Get involved in sites like Trendwatching and keep an eye of what's being talked about. Be proactive and link ahead.

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