Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why I Blog MeMe For YouYou

I was tagged by DazzlinDonna in a blog meme called “Why I Blog”, which shouldn't be confused with the other meme that circled around called "Why I Started Blogging".

Since I'm quite sure no one gives a rats ass why I blog or why I started blogging, and since I'm not in the mood to come up with five cute, memorable, heart wrenching or somehow engaging tidbits that may or may not enlighten you further into my psyche, I'll forgo that crap and just say this:

I started blogging because I felt compelled to keep up with the SEO Joneses and because my writing skills suck and I need the practice.

With the exception of the word bingo, this post has all my favorite words in it. Bingo Bingo Bingo.

Have a nice day.

AndyH, Justilien, Eric, MikeG, and BillS you've been tagged and Stephen, you've been linked back to!

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