Monday, April 09, 2007

SES New York

I flew into NYC yesterday to take part in the pre-conference training programs SES offers, I started in the morning and presented the traditional linking while Jennifer hosted the viral/link bait program in the afternoon. We had a great time and met some really nice people in our sessions who had flown in from all over the world to attend SES.

I don't usually make it into the conference a day early or on the first day for that matter so coming in and watching the craziness that comes with setting up a show for thousands was a treat and a flashback to my previous life. There are huge crews of people working assembly-line-fashion stuffing thousands of conference bags, booths being assembled to handle registration, speaker and press rooms being wired and so on. It's quite the process and I commend the SES/SEW staffs for making all run so smoothly.

Ran into Todd and chatted for awhile, it's always nice to catch up with people you don't see often. As we stood there, Todd introduced me to Cameron and Neil. Neil good naturedly took a lot of ribbing from me about some recent "in your mouth" photos I had seen of him in a bar and then proceeded to mention there was a video out there as well. Paris Hilton - move over, Neil Patel is the new online wench to watch.

LOL.... with all the snarkiness that goes on around SEOLand it's nice to know there are still people who laugh at themselves.

Tomarrow I'm going to try my hand at blogging a couple of sessions for SEORoundtable. I've never done this before so it should be interesting. I have Danny's intro to search marketing spiel as well as the keyword session with Chris and Dan. Not sure it was the best move to pick Danny's session given his propensity to talk at 95 mph but I thought what the heck, if I can blog his session I can do anyone's.

I'm going to take part in the Linking Basic's session on Wednesday morning and then head home to spend time with my children who are out on Easter break all week. Hopefully they won't have to go through chocolate detox when I get back, I left them with their father and piles of Easter candy so no telling.

If you're coming to SES I look forward to seeing you and if you're at home enjoying Easter break I hope you have a great week.

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