Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Danny Does NPR and Interview Opportunities

Frequently when we talk about links you hear the comment - "get to know the journalists in your area so they'll write about your site" (or some variation of that line) but we don't always hear how or where to find them.

Earlier today I was looking at the NPR site after Justilien pinged this a.m. and mentioned he heard Danny on NPR's Marketplace last night. Always eager to listen to what Mr. Sullivan has to say (nose tan deepening), I popped over to NPR to find the interview.

While I was hunting for it, this call to action for experts/information on a handful of topics caught my eye and attention. These kinds of story requests are golden as they are an open invitation and a way to make contact with the media in your niche.

Here's what it said:


We want your insights to help us in our reporting in these areas. Share what you know:

Is the subprime crisis affecting you, your work or where you live?
Help public radio cover Hispanic communities
Have you started a business?
What does sustainability mean to you?

Someday, when I get a big girl blog (cough) I'll be able to cut and copy examples of the actual ad in it's original format but for now, there it is. the future, when you're out there building links and doing this kind of work: (which is fine by the way, it works)

Keyword + add a site

Keyword + submit a site

add the phrase "help us tell the story" (and it's variations) + keyword and see what pops up! Then get to work sending in your articles and research papers and become the credible source journalists turn to in your industry - like Danny is with NPR! :)

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