Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Scooby Doo Love and Links

I found out Iwao Takamoto died yesterday, he was the illustrator who developed the original character of Scooby Doo after meeting his neighbor who owned a Great Dane and hearing the lyrics "Scooby scooby do" from Sinatra's “Strangers in the Night”.

I was a cool 13 when the cartoon debuted in 1969 but I remember watching it every Saturday morning while lying on the green shag carpet in my parents rec room. It’s hip, psychedelic scenes, scary storylines and slang-using characters made it
groovy (translation - "ok") for my friends and I to watch. Even now if the kids have it on, I'll stop what I'm doing and tune in.

It's a great life and link building lesson if you think about it: from simple actions great ideas are born. When you're thinking about developing tools, content, or promotions to attract links, create simple and unique products people relate to and enjoy. If you make your special offers difficult to understand or continually issue press releases for trivial promotions, people in your industry will turn a deaf eye.

Imagine what toontown and the world would be like if Mr. Takamoto's neighbor had a pitbull and it was the Dixie Chicks he listened to......we might be calling our beloved canine Vicious Doo-Doo instead !! ;)-

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