Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blog Tagging and Tongue Waggin'

When the email from Todd came telling me I had been blog tagged, I had to set out into SEOLand to find out what the heck it was, I’ve been kinda out of it lately. A couple hours of catch-up reading and chuckling later, I'm back in the loop with what's going on all around! Looks like fun, hope I don’t bore anyone to death.

Here goes …. Five things you may not know about me:

Edited October 7, 2007 NOTE: I've removed a portion of the original post as I found someone had lifted sections and spliced in a way that took what I said and the spirit in which it was shared - out of context. This was a good wake up call on what to share and what not to share on the Net.

1. There was something here about being a soccer mom.

2. I attended 14 different schools by the time I graduated from high school. I’m an Army brat and spent a good portion of my youth in various cities in Germany. When I was 14 my dad gave me a Euro-Pass which I used to go all over Germany, Austria and Italy skiing with friends. Looking back I can’t believe how much freedom I had as a teenager and how no parent in their right mind would do that today.

3. I entered college as a dental hygiene major and went through 3 years of dental school before deciding it wasn’t for me.


5. I’m dyslexic and I love to fish. ......No, I don't cast into the boat, just couldn't decide which of those riveting personable bits should be offered up so I went with both.

If you’re still awake – know I’m pinging Rob Snell, Peter D, Ben Pfeiffer and Christine Churchill.

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