Monday, November 20, 2006

Welcome To The Neighborhood Links.

According to Technorati, there are 57 million blogs online in 2006, up from 100,000 four years ago. That's a lota blogs coming online every day which means a lot of link opportunities waiting to happen.

Since new blogs generally don't come loaded with multiple posts and take a little while to grow, offering them well written and topically focused content is a great way to spread your information and acquire new links. Not only do you get to add optimized material and anchor text links to an up-and-coming-blog but you also get to expose your products and services to a new audience.

Looking at it from the other side of the coin... if you happen to BE the blog owner, ask the guy dangling the content to link to his/her information once it's on your blog. You get content - you get a link. They spread content - they get a link. It's a win-win for both sides.

To find all these new blogs popping up, use a website alert service like Google Alerts (or just search on the term for more companies). Set it up so you're using all the variations of your keywords and don't forget to include people, professional titles and product names.

Another little tip - set an alert service like Track Engine to ping you each time the page of a blog directory changes. Whenever a new blog is added to a directory page or a particular category - the alert service sees a change in the page and notifies you. It's a great way to find new blogs or watch competitors since so many people are adding sites and using the directories to help with their link building efforts.

If there's a topic/product or service, there's a blog for it and more are coming daily. Get a jump on your competitors and broaden your inbound link structure by securing links from new blogs. Welcome them to your neighborhood and watch your links and partnerships grow!

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