Monday, November 13, 2006

Crystal Clear Link Benefits

I picked up a story this a.m. on a new service Sony Entertainment owned just launched called Screenbites. They’ve put together short video clips of interesting lines/parts of movies (theirs of course) and offer them free of charge to anyone who wants to download hoping it will spur people to buy the film and/or perpetuate exposure.

Interesting. Since most people trust what they read in published sources and give credibility to public figures, it would make sense that using a famous movie clip on your website would elicit the same feelings.

Actually, using video is any form is a good idea, after all a picture is worth a thousand words right? Showing people how to assemble an item or sharing how-to's is the type of valuable and credible information the media and your supporters likes --- and links to. Add a video download or something catchy like a movie clip from Screenbites before your competition does and become the authority source people turn to.

The benefits of doing so will be crystal clear!

....Added later.... Ten bucks says Google will be in the market for a movie studio in no time after reading this. No not my blog silly, the exposure concept Sony is pushing through The revenue potential there is - priceless!

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