Friday, August 25, 2006

SES San Jose Ramblings

The three amigos on their way to the Google dance at SES San Jose. Thanks for the picture Lee.

I always enjoy the Google dance, gives you an opportunity to relax and catch up with people you don't get to see except at the conferences. A handful of planning tips if you attend one in the future .....

#1. Bring your ID, they card and won't give in even after you show stretch marks, crows feet and gray hair to prove you're something just over 21. They're not amused and no amount of begging or cajoling will get them to hand over a wristband which is your ticket to Amstel Light-land. (Just ask Karen DeWeese)

#2. Get there early or you won't get a tee shirt. Never mind you were one of the geeks that actually rsvp'd to the event, it means jack. Many thanks again to the nice people who gave us (literally) the shirts off their backs just to get us to quit whining and shut the hell up. A kindness is long remembered.

And last but not least - I'd pass on the corn dogs or be prepared to ruin perfectly good beer.

While I'm talking about SESSJ, found a blog comment last night while wandering the Net .... Noel did a short write-up (thank you) on one of the link sessions and I wanted to comment back about this statement:

"She also talked about getting links from MySpace, YouTube, and Flickr. Each of these sites allow clean HTML links in the profiles. Hmm...I'm seeing user profile spamming?"

The "she" in the post would be me and while I did say you can add a HTML link to the profile sections of youtube and myspace, I didn't say that about Flickr. In Flickr you can add HTML links to the comments section...(just so we're clear ;).

In fairness, Noel repeated what SEORoundtable reported and while everything Ben wrote is accurate, I wanted everyone to know I wasn't suggesting people comment spam and it's not why I brought up the opportunities on myspace, youtube and Flickr to begin with.

I was suggesting you use a well balanced, rounded, get-links-from-where-your-demographic-hangs-out kinda strategy and gave those three places as examples of what the new social search scene can yield in the way of links.

That's all. Honest.

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