Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Press Release Links

There was a good post this morning on the LED Digest by a man named John Smart who used to be a copy editor for a communications presswire service. He gave sage advice on how to write an effective press release and also explained why certain things should (or shouldn't) be done. If you want your releases linked to, listen to what's being said here because it's spot on:

".........This is what editors want: If you have a new employee ­ unless it is a major player in either the industry or the community, they won't care-

If your profits are up, unless it is by a substantial amount, they won't care-

If you have a new technology which has helped you to catch up with everyone else, they won't care-

If you have a new product, service, patent or are holding somesort of gathering, they will care.

If you are releasing newsoftware, book(s) or e-book(s) they will care.

A good process release needs a good headline ­ if I did not knowwhat the press
release was about by the third line, it went in the circular file. A good headline is very important....."

He also said:

".....If your press release is more than two pages long ­ it is too long. If you cannot get all that data in to two pages, then don't! Put in teasers, and link to a fuller version online."

Green bold is mine. I wanted to showcase that excellent point and suggest you do this for all your releases. Doing so builds content and creates an onsite media resource journalists, customers and search engines will be able to find long after the release link has been archived in a database.

Lee Odden also weighed with good advice on press releases. This issue (#2236) is a definite read when they get it posted to the LED archives

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