Monday, July 17, 2006

Where No Link Has Gone Before

Read this story today and in an eggshell - I think the concept is brilliant!!!:

From the NY Times - In September, CBS plans to start using a new place to advertise its fall television lineup: your breakfast.

The network plans to announce today that it will place laser imprints of its trademark eye insignia, as well as logos for some of its shows, on eggs — 35 million of them in September and October. CBS’s copywriters are referring to the medium as “egg-vertising,” hinting at the wordplay they have in store. Some of their planned slogans: “CSI” (“Crack the Case on CBS”); “The Amazing Race” (“Scramble to Win on CBS”); and Shark” (“Hard-Boiled Drama.”). Variations on the ad for its Monday night lineup of comedy shows include “Shelling Out Laughs,” “Funny Side Up” and “Leave the Yolks to Us.”

George Schweitzer, president of the CBS marketing group, said he was hoping to generate some laughter in American kitchens. “We’ve gone through every possible sad takeoff on shelling and scrambling and frying,” he said, adding, “It’s a great way to reach people in an unexpected form.

Newspapers, magazines and Web sites are so crowded with ads for entertainment programming that CBS was ready to try something different, Mr. Schweitzer said. The best thing about the egg concept was its intrusiveness.

The bold is mine as it touches on what a lot of us in the link marketing business are saying and finding as we work - most traditional linking tactics are a thing of the past. Now you either have to create content and flaunt it or concentrate on looking in off-beat but targeted places to find effective link partners. Both tactics net uncluttered air space and the opportunity to set yourself as a trendsetter.

Here's an example of an "off beat but targeted" area to look in:

Consider buying space in online publications such as newsletters, ezines, reports etc. I look for publications that will insert ad copy throughout the content areas and archive past editions. A great place to buy targeted ad space is in an online conference handbook. They offer content areas, actively look for sponsors, are archived on busy and usually well ranked sites.

Just about every business niche has an association or professional organization offering conferences and seminars. Think about how people in your industry get information, receive education and aquire training and look for sponsorship opportunities in those venues. When people are in the "learning" mindset they're more apt to be responsive to what they read and SEE (don't discount using tagged images). Take advantage of that focus!

Crack! Wish I had thought of the egg thing, have the perfect client to use it on....;)

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