Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blogging 101

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a technically gifted individual. When people start to talk the "301 this" or "side server that" my eyes glaze over and I drift off into dreamland. It's not that I don't understand any of it, I just don't find it interesting so I don't listen. I'm a firm believer in letting professionals do their job so when I need help with a link marketing project that has something technical involved, I holler out to technical friends. Helps them, helps the client, keeps me out of dreamland.

Usually when I attend SES I find myself drifting away in the "organic" sessions I attend, not because the speakers aren't compelling (they are) but because organic sessions typically touch on technical topics. Not so this time ( well except for the linking clinic but that was different and I actually learned something this time, thanks Greg).

All I heard about was blogging and wiki's. From my perspective (strictly speaking mainstream links) wiki's aren't viable yet but the blogging community..... well....... it's all about blogging these days.

When it comes to linking, blogging offers the full package. Generous outreach. Topically relevant sources. High volume visitation. Fresh content. Credible sources. What's not to like about blogging?

Well, nothing. Which is why you should have one if you're a mid-size to large company doing business on the Web. And how do you learn about blogging? Pop over to
Darren Rowse's site and read all about it. I am and I'm learnin' a ton!!

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