Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No Win Links.

Reading along this a.m. I came across a blog post that linked to this article:

"A group of newspaper, magazine and book publishers is accusing Google
and other aggregators of online news stories of unfairly exploiting their
content. They are demanding compensation from search engines

"unfairly exploiting" hmmm... sounds like someone is losing money to me. I guess it's easier to whine about the engines than report to your stockholders you haven't efficiently been able to monetize the web as well as Google has...! Anyway, that article sparked a thought I wanted to share:

There's a real push to publish articles for the purpose of garnering links or to host content and become a resource site that attract links. Either way - I highly recommend you get permisison for what you do. If you're hosting someone's content on your site, disclose the source. Conversely, anyone using your material needs to do the same.

The policing thing is a pain but if you're doing this to attract links, you want to be sure you're getting them. If you don't care and just want the exposure - fine, but still ask for a non-hyperlinked bio line in the event someone from the media wants to contact you.

Poor engines....seems there's a new roadblock everyday. They just can't win!

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