Sunday, November 20, 2005

Link Karma is Good.

I had a couple questions emailed to me on the incentive linking program above and it's prompted me to explain a bit more.

Yes, there were only 15 sites that agreed to host the link but there were over 45 total text links secured as a result. The sites hosting the link were all what we would consider "authority" sites, some major portals with very strong traffic. The client benefited all the way around - rank, traffic, sales. And then there was the link viral thang......

Once the partner site's competition (meaning the competitors of the sites hosting my clients link) took note of what they were doing, they would contact my client and ask to participate. The answer was always no since the incentive promotion was exclusive, but the client would turn the competitor request into a link buy or trade.

The whole promotion (start to end) took about 30 days with the bulk of the time used in research.
The incentive offer was valid for a year and was exclusive to the sites participating. At the end of the year they'll have the option of renewing, letting my client pay for the link space or dropping out.
I've done this several times and my experience shows most sites opt to renew in some way. Some don't but it doesn't really matter since the "link karma" usually kicks in.

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