Saturday, October 29, 2005

Come Seminar with Us

"High Rankings® Search Engine Marketing Seminar « Philadelphia Crowne Plaza Valley ForgeThursday November 3 and Friday November 4, 2005 On the first day of this informative event, world-renowned search engine marketing experts Jill Whalen, Debra Mastaler, Karon Thackston, Scottie Claiborne, Christine Churchill and Matt Bailey put the technical stuff into words you can understand. These SEO/SEM consultants will provide you with the information and proven methods to bring highly targeted search engine traffic to your Websites. Each of our speakers have obtained hundreds of top-10 search engine rankings for their sites and those of their clients, helping them double, triple and even quadruple their sales! Now you can benefit from their collective expertise and experience on your own sites -- for a fraction of what it would cost to hire any one of them."

Damn - we all sound pretty good, even I'm impressed ;) If you're looking for an excellent SEO seminar - this is the one to go to.

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