Sunday, August 07, 2016

How Not To Be A Dumbass Link Builder

dCame across this video which I found hilarious since I'm working in a new niche (new for me anyway) so I started poking around the marketing behind it and lo and behold, a little linking story emerged. Watch the vid first:

Ok so what's the link take away here? There's a couple but it's a hike to get there so stay with me.

I've been researching the baby/infant area recently and finding, as you'd expect, a ton of mommy bloggers supporting the topic. Which is great, just the demographic we need for this campaign.

Mommy bloggers are very supportive of one another and have huge blogrolls as a result. Having these resources is a big plus when you're researching a specific demographic as it helps you identify key players in the niche. If you see certain blogs over and over, read about them in news publications or notice they're speaking at industry events, you've identified key gatekeepers.

In business, gatekeepers are people well known in their field, they're top-of-mind when your industry is mentioned and sought after for their opinions. Like the medieval nave who guarded the castle and determined who came in and (more importantly) who didn't, they're influential in establishing trends and spotlighting newcomers.

When you find a gatekeeper, research them for all they're worth. When I started my search I was specifically looking for media leads and trends within the mommy gatekeepers. I knew if I could convince one of them to host my client's content I'd have a much easier time approaching other mommy bloggers. I ended up finding both and a bonus trend I wasn't looking for - Daddy bloggers.

Now I've seen and heard about Daddy bloggers of course but like a lot of people vested in link building, I was going for the proven and well known spots for link leads. Researching takes an inordinate amount of time and doesn't always result in desired results so it's natural to gravitate to where you've been successful in the past.

Still, as someone with a couple of campaigns under my belt I should have known cutting out the research step involving gatekeepers was dumb.

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