Thursday, June 05, 2008

When Bad Publicity Equals Good SEO Links

Question: What does SEO, cool specs and lifestyle brands have in common?

Guest columnist Leon Bailey Green!

When bad publicity equals good SEO links
by Leon Bailey Green

Whether or not you believe all publicity is good publicity, you can't ignore the fact bad publicity can attract high quality SEO friendly links.

To put it lightly the likes of Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears have been through a lot lately. Both have been worthy of many a mention on the BBC News website. A link from the BBC is priceless to many SEOs.

A story on BBC News about Amy Winehouse's arrest in April contains a high quality link to her website.

Imagine the BBC News link juice that Kate Moss would have achieved over the past few years if she had her own website. More recently Dunkin' Donuts had to pull an ad featuring Rachael Ray wearing an Arab inspired scarf. The scandal broke, or was created (you decide), by a blog which probably unwittingly linked to the Dunkin' Donuts website.

Many traditional PRs say when bad things happen react quickly with your side of the story. In the online world quickly is even quicker. And you should consider reacting on your own website – well, you never know, some people might link to it (NB calculate the risk. Make sure that page doesn't get Google bombed for your brand!).

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Mert said...

Hi Debra,

The url pointing to Leon's website is wrong. Very nice angle to a unique topic. Fashion, publicity and SEO. What is the world coming to?

David Phillips said...

Well, this is certainly good if the amount of traffic is more important than the quality (which is not the case for those of us selling services).

On the other hand, I guess you can monetize the whole thing rather quickly if your site is the first to follow up with T-shirt sales of the scandal!

Shriram Sharma said...

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